Intercross Agencies Limited is a specialized company.

Makita Power Tools

With nearly 90 years of experience in advanced motor design, Makita applies the latest innovation to engineer and manufacture the best power tools in the world. Makita Power Tools have more power and less weight, and are more compact and more efficient than any other. At jobsites around the world, professional users are dumping the old, getting the new and gearing-up with Makita. Makita offers more solutions for the professional trade.


Luminous Power Technology

Luminous Power is a Cutting Edge Technology in the field of “Packaged Electrical Power" and “Power Conditioning Products”. The product range extends from Distributed Power Generation, Power Conditioning Equipments to Electrical Storage Batteries and Electrical Power Inverters.


Solar Power

Solar power is the generation of electricity from sunlight. This can be direct as with photovoltaics (PV), or indirect as with concentrating solar power (CSP), where the sun's energy is focused to boil water which is then used to provide power. The solar power gained from photovoltaics can be used to eliminate the need for purchased electricity


Medical Equpiment

Medical equipment is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions.


HIV/Malaria Testing Kits

We are distributors of HIV and Malaria Instant Testing Kits. For rapid results.


Laboratory Consumables

We are distributors for Laboratory comsumables.

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